WV Shooters Make Good At The Buckeye

Twenty Seven West Virginians attended the 2015 Buckeye Classic at Marengo, OH last weekend taking twelve trophies. First to strike was Doug Damron in event 4 handicap broke a 96 to win Veteran. In event 5 All American Junior Gold shooter Alec Sauble  of Martinsburg fired a perfect century in the singles for Junior Gold honors, repeating the feat in event 7 with the same result. In what can only be described as unbelievable WV ATA Delegate Nick Harden was classified in Class D singles Classification stating “That’s what the computer says” and even after explaining that this years low scores were due to an ill conceived attempt to learn to shoot two eyes and having returned to one eye he was still placed in Class D, really? (Class A doubles should have been a clue) Nick fired a 98 which, wait for it, was high in Class D.  Between hundreds the next day when he and dad were picking up trophies they said the office wanted to see Nick. Visiting the office Bob Stuart told Nick that he should of been in Class A, really? Hmmm, seems we already said that, on Monday! When the story was related to Bob Stuart he was bewildered asking Classification if they remembered the conversation and of course they couldn’t. Nick was informed that he was placed in Class A for the Championship Singles.  We’ll be the first to agree that Classification can be tricky as we perform that function at the WV State Shoot but when a shooter tells you he should be in a higher class well, Classification should listen. Mildly irritated over classifications’ memory loss Nick went out and broke the second hundred! Later checking to second and third place shooters we found that they also ended last year in Class A!


  Event 8 handicap saw Doug Damron again at the shoot off placing 9th. Bob Harden and four others fired an event high 97 to shoot off for champion, Ian Darroch broke all 25 shoot off targets for champion and Harden was Sub Veteran winner. Event 9 saw even more WV winners as WV ATA President Chuck Jackson fired a 95 for Class B Runner-up and JW Dowler broke 93 to claim Class C Champion. Alec Sauble  again winning the Junior Gold category.


  But the “Feel Good” moment was when we saw the Championship Single score of Sandra Spencer, a near prefect score of 199, breaking the first hundred and only dropping one in the second winning the Lady 2 category besting all by 3 targets. When congratulating Sandy I found out that this was only her second 100 straight in a long career spanning nearly 40 years, with eight WV Lady Singles category Championships and 2014 Grand American Handicap Lady II Champion eventually bring home a total of four trophies from the Grand. Sandra was inducted into the WV Hall of Fame in 2001. Click here for more on Sandy’s run at the Grand American.

  In the Championship Handicap event father and son both took home trophies Todd Sauble breaking a 96 for 7th place and son Alec placed 4th in Junior Gold congratulations to all.


New ATA shooter Corey Palmer broke a 99 for Runner-up in the event.