2016 WV State Team Announced

The 2016 WV State Team has been tabulated.

 Cameron Bailey was 2013 Trap & Field’s Men’s Rookie of the year this year he is the 2016 WV State Team 1st Team Captain, last year’s 1st Team Captain Kevin Miller was #2 and Michael Kemp #3 the top three spots were a scant .43 from 1 to 3. Well Done!

Scott Ross, Russell Lillard, LadyII Sandy Spencer, Junior Robert Judy, Jr. Gold Alec Sauble, Sub Vet Robert Harden, Veteran Gary Homes and Sr. Veteran Robert Lowe round out the first team.

Captain of the second team Steve Sprout, Rob Ingram, Singles Champion Todd Sauble, Mark Isner, Nicholas Harden, SubVet Darrel Murray Veteran Doug Damron and Sr. Veteran Gerald Narigon make up the second team.

This Year all the Categories were recognized as the ATA has made them permanent.

The captain will have the highest average regardless of category, except for Captain of 1st team, special categories will take precedence over regular team member placement. Example: If a Veteran with the highest average must take his category placement unless he has the highest State average then he can choose to be captain or category. Category based on Classification at WV State Shoot.

Congratulations to all the WV State Team members.

Below are the Minimum Qualifications for selection to the State Team. Section 3. Minimum qualifications: (amended 2009) (A) Men 1000 16 yard targets 1000 Handicap 800 Doubles (B) Lady 800 16 yard targets Veteran 800 Handicap Sr. Veteran 500 Doubles Junior Sub Junior (D) Shooters are required to shoot the 400 CHAMPIONSHIP TARGETS at the State Shoot to qualify for the State Team (Amendment July 1997) Section 4. Computations for all around average: 16 yd average + handicap average + doubles average / 3 = all around average.