WV Shooters Winning at the Southern Grand American

    Doug Damron, Mark Isner, WVATA President Chuck Jackson and Tammy, Scott Ross and Pat Swartz made the trip to the Southern Grand so far and are already showing up on the trophy list. Doug has, as of yesterday, won Veteran Winner in Event 1 Singles, turning in one of only two 100 straights. Mark was the Singles Class A Winner. Event 3 Doug, who must of been working on his doubles over the winter, shot a near perfect 99, again one of only two turned in. Mark was tied for Event 4 Class A runner up but lost in a carryover and is tied in Event 7 Class A singles Champion. Doug had a shoot off last night in Event 8 Handicap and won veteran runnerup.  Mark blasted a 94 in Event 10 for Sub Veteran Champion.   Scott Ross broke a 97 in the Soutern Grand Doubles Championship For Sub Veteran Champion. Doug Damron was also the HOA Veteran Winner with a score of 935.  Congratulations.

The results can be found on WWW.RJSTUART.COM/trophies.2016/sgrand.htm