West Virginians at the World Trapshooting Championships

   Ten West Virginians are currently at the 117th Grand American World Trapshooting Championships. Sandra Spencer, multi-time WV Lady Singles Champion and currently WV Lady II Champion has secured two trophies in the Preliminary rounds at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex  in Sparta IL. Sandy was third in Lady II after shooting a 98 in Thursday’s Event 4 the MEC Shooting Sports Singles. Smashing a perfect century in Sterling Cut Glass Singles Event 7 she was Lady II runner up after carryover.

Mark Isner received his 25 year attendance patch at Mondays night opening ceremonies.

So far those attending  are Lonnie and Sandy Spencer, Jerry Huffman  Mark Isner, Edsel Kittle, Toot Riggle, Doug Damron, Fred Dague, Nicholas and Bob Harden.

 More as it happens.