Cameron Bailey Trapshooting Secret Exposed!!

It's no secret that Cameron Bailey is a Champion Trapshooter, but how does he do it! I found out by spending a little time with Cameron. I mean it's so simple I can't believe it's that simple. I'm skeptical but the way I've shot this year I'll try anything.
It's so bizarre that I can't tell you right now because I want to see if it works for me!
Stay Tuned!!! I'll let you know regardless!!







Check Below!!!



 Cameron called from the Cardinal after he shot the 200 straight on the Championship Singles day and said he had Paw Paw Tunnel Vision.

I know, it sounds crazy right! So I looked into the Tunnel Theory deeper and here is what I found.

The Paw Paw Tunnel is a 3,118-foot-long (950 m) canal tunnel on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O) in Allegany County, Maryland.[1] Located near Paw Paw, West Virginia, it was built to bypass the Paw Paw Bends, a six-mile (9.7 km) stretch of the Potomac River containing five horseshoe-shaped bends. The town, the bends, and the tunnel take their name from the pawpaw trees that grow prolifically along nearby ridges.

The project began in 1836 with scheduled completion in two years, but there were many difficulties in the process of construction. The construction company seriously underestimated the difficulty of the job, violence frequently broke out between immigrant laborers of different ethnicities, and wages were often unpaid due to the company's financial problems.[2] The tunnel was finally completed but it nearly bankrupted the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company. The lengthy construction and high cost forced the company to end canal construction at Cumberland, Maryland, in 1850, rather than continue to Pittsburgh as originally planned.

The tunnel was used by canal boats until the C&O closed in 1924. The tunnel and towpath are now maintained for public use as part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. Though never one of the longest tunnels in the world, Paw Paw Tunnel remains one of the greatest engineering feats of its day.[3]

Now I don't know if Cameron walks though the tunnel, meditates in the tunnel or is the Tunnel Troll but this is NOT the reason for his success! Ever the sly one Cameron is as coy as he is precise with his craft.

Ok, So, Cameron tried to throw me off the REAL reason for his success but I have found the truth and will expose it below please be warned that you have never seen anything like this!

Check Below!!!





And here is irrefutable PROOF of Cameron’s secret to shooting success. I apologize for the unedited nature of the truth but it has to be exposed!



I have no words; thoughts are racing through my mind:


does he do this every night before the days events or just before Championship Days?

 if red wine goes with gun clubs what goes with AA’s?

why does he put gun clubs in a Nitro 27 he plying the gun with wine so it won’t think it’s getting fed with gun clubs?

what’s in the bottle on the table, did Cameron slip a roofie in the wine?

the painting on the wall is that a sheep beside a bunny?

was Cameron a skeet shooter in another life?



Well there it is folks you’ll have to draw your own conclusions!