Wintertime News, baby it's cold outside!

Some wintertime news perused from this month’s Trap & Field.

WVATA President, Scott Ross and Fred Dague made the trip to Tucson, AZ for the Autumn Grand and both brought back some hardware.

In his first event, the Ben Avery Singles, Fred broke 99 and after several carryovers, was one short of the AA crown. Scotty broke the same score in AA and was eliminated in the carryover. Event 16, The Casa Grande Doubles, Dague broke them all for the Sub-Vet title and Ross, just two back, for a Class A victory with a 98. Event 18, the Tucson Singles Class Championship, Fred again broke them all  coming up short in the ensuing carryover. During the next event, The Garden Canyon Handicap, Fred broke a 98 from the 25 to win Sub-Vet honors. During the Caesar Guerini, Pre-Handicap Championship, Event 21,  Fred broke the same score from the 26 yard line for runner up in the Sub-Vet category.  Event 22, The Autumn Grand American Singles Championship, Scotty dropped just one to get in a shoot off for Class AA, it only took Ross one round to dispense his adversary. Now that’s a successful trip!

In other news, not surprisingly, first year All American Cameron Bailey obtained AA-27-AA with averages that were just a smidge below AAA-27-AAA (just another .06 of a percent in singles and .78 percent in doubles) well, that can be his goal for this year!