Isner and Bailey Clean Up!

Mark Isner contested the South Carolina State Shoot last week, he shot twelve events and won fourteen trophies pretty much a clean sweep. The only downside was it rained nearly every time he walked on the field. Starting Wednesday with EVENT 1 the FRANK FOSTER SINGLES Mark dropped one on the first field and ran the rest for a 99 to win NR Sub Vet. Mark and one other topped the field in EVENT 2 the USA VETERANS HANDICAP with 92’s and already drown they decided to flip and Isner was NR Sub Vet Champion and was punched one yard. In EVENT 3 the SC COMPLETED CAREERS DOUBLES again he was just one target from high score but bested the NR Sub Vet field by eleven targets to clench the Sub Vet Champion trophy.

   Thursday’s EVENT 4 the RODNEY RAINS SINGLES no irony was lost on the title as it was more rain. Mark broke a 97 for NR Sub Vet Runner up.  Faltering a bit at his new yardage he carded a 90 but it was still good enough for the NR Sub Vet win in EVENT 5 the TERESA KNIGHT HANDICAP. The EVENT 6 the JIM FABER DOUBLES saw Mark again the high NR Sub Vet, anyone seeing a pattern developing?  

Friday was more of the same, wet, in the EVENT 7 the SINGLES CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP Isner’s result was also “more of the same” with another NR Sub Vet Champion win.  EVENT 8 the PRELIMINARY HANDICAP Mark score was a little better as he found his footing at the new yardage walking off the field with the NR Sub Vet honors. After EVENT 9 the DOUBLES CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP Isner was only thirteen targets behind North Carolina’s All American Noah Gouge and only one target behind him for the Doubles Class Championship, you guess it Mark was NR Sub Vet Champion, three events to go.

Saturday’s EVENT 10 the SOUTH CAROLINA SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP was seemingly Marks only “bad day” a 98 in the first hundred with a 95 on the second, the last trap in near darkness, still eeked out the NR Sub Vet Championship win by 5 targets, so technically a “Good Day”. However his HOA between Noah grew by six targets.

Sunday’s EVENT 11 the SOUTH CAROLINA DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIP Mark was back to form a 97, only one target shy of NR Doubles Champion, Isner was still the top Sub Vet winning by six targets. Noah’s “bad day” came giving back some sixteen targets in the HOA with only one event left. EVENT 12 the SOUTH CAROLINA HANDICAP CHAMPIONSHIP and Mark only giving back two targets on the HOA but also, yep, NR Sub Vet Champion. In the HAA Mark’s off day was the difference between the top score and second score which was seven targets better than the next Sub Vet making him the top Sub Vet. The HOA was same another six target spread between top score on Mark but yet again Isner took top Sub Vet HOA by a whopping seventy two targets.  All in all a successful shoot in anyone’s book. Mark Isner has been shooting since 1988 and was the 2010 WV Singles Champion,the 1999 WV Doubles Champion as well as numeous WV Class titles. He has also won several trophies at the Grand American Tournament over the years. Mark has served as the WVATA Delegate to the ATA and was inducted in the WV Hall Of Fame in 2012 . Well Done Mark.

 Meanwhile All American Team member and newest inductee into the WV Hall Of Fame, Cameron Bailey, traveled to Elysburg, PA for the Keystone Open and also came away with a lot of hardware.

EVENT #  2 the SHRINERS HOSPITAL HANDICAP Cameron broke 97 for 3rd place. In EVENT #  3 the T&L HOAGIES DOUBLES He was CLASS AAA RUNNER UP with a 97.

 In Saturdays Singles Championship Event #4 Bailey broke 199 and after a shoot off was CLASS AAA RUNNER UP . In EVENT #  5 the ALL-AMERICAN WOODWORK DOUBLES Cameron broke another 97 for CLASS AAA RUNNER UP.

Sundays EVENT #  6 the DOUBLES  CHAMPIONSHIP Cameron went for it all and broke the 100 along with two others and came away as the Keystone Doubles Champion.  

Cameron also claimed the HIGH OVER ALL CHAMPIONSHIP with a 777 by two targets.

Cameron in addition to his placement on the All American Mens Team is the current WV State Team Captain, 2017 WV Handicap Champion, 2017 WV Doubles Champion, a title he first won in 2016, 2017 High Overall Champion and the 2017 High All Around Champion. Cameron was also Trap & Field's Mens Rookie of the year in 2013. For more on Cameron see other stories on this website:

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PS: I see that me poking some fun at Cameron for being "The man from PAW PAW WV" may have caused Cameron to be "uncomfortable?" I not sure of the word or "feeling" considering his "Secret" but I see that he changed his ATA card to Slanesville, WV which still must be close to PAW PAW, WV! I suspect, and it's just a guess, but I think Cameron doesn't want us to know too much about PAW PAW, WV maybe there is another part to the "Secret"? I mean there's the tunnel and the late night....I don't know what that was! Stay Tuned!