Results from the 13th Annual WV Hall Of Fame Shoot in Moundsville

This year the weekend was iffy at best but it never rains on the trap range was right this year it rained at night, in the morning, even after the shoot offs, at one point it rained on one side of the building and not the other. Regardless in was a fine weekend had by all.

Sixty eight shooters came to the facilities of Marshall County Hunting and Fishing Club for the shoot dedicated to the WV ATA Hall of Fame members and to induct yet another deserving WV member, Cameron Bailey of Slanesville, WV. Cameron's meteoric rise in the ranks of trapshooting started in 2012 having been named the 2013 Trap & Fields Men's Rookie of the Year and this year being named to the 2018 ATA American Men's Team, the first on the Men's Team since 1962.

Cameron's family were present for his induction

as were friends and fellow inductees no less than ten Hall of Fame member were present

Chuck Jackson did the presenting honors as he had three pages of Cameron's accomplishments 

Shooters congratulating Cameron on his induction

Holly, Aevah, Shylynn with Cameron.

A slew of the family was on hand to support Cameron for the occasion.

A tasty meal was provided for the shooters between hundreds prepared by the ladies of MCHFC and donated by the WVATA.


   Cameron broke the second hundred to claim The Seybert Campbell Singles Championship with a 198 over the field of 57 shooters. Bill King Jr with just one bird less took Class A Champion, Michael Snyder broke 195 for Class B honors, Class C winner Justin Miller from Kentucky shot his best score ever and with a new gun for Class C laurels and Class D winner Gary Frazier carded a 184 for his win. Category winners were Curt Paul, Sr Vet; Larry Lilley, Vet; Sandy Spencer, Lady; Braden Carroll, Jr. and Megan Snyder for Sub Jr.


            Cameron Bailey  (left)         Despite being camera shy here is a rare                  Michael Snyder           Seybert Campbell Singles Champion     profile of Bill King Jr Class A Champion                    Class B Champion                                                               

            Justin Miller                                 Gary Frazier                                  Curtis Paul                          

         Class C Champion                          Class D Champion                         Sr. Veteran Champion

                  Larry Lilley                                   Braden Carroll                                      Megan Snyder                                        Veteran Champion                          Jr. Champion                                Sub Jr. Champion


Sandra Spencer was the Ladies Singles Champion as well as being presented her belated 2001 WV Hall of Fame    award from WVATA Past President Chuck Jackson who won the Eloise Tustin Preliminary Handicap after a shoot off with Cameron Bailey  when they knotted at 97.


Other winners in the Eloise Tustin Preliminary Handicap were Edsel Kittle in the 22-24.5 yardage group and Carl Bittner in the 18-21.5 yardage group.

                 Edsel Kittle                                      Carl Bittner                                                                                    22-24.5 yardage group winner           18-21.5 yardage group winner

Sunday was looking grim at 7am a cloud burst poured rain in Moundsville however come time to shoot the Pat & Jack Gandee Doubles Championship the sun was shining and it was shining brighter on Michael Kemp who posted a two bird lead over the field with a 98, Steve Sprout and Fred Dague had both shot 96's and flipped with Steve winning the toss for Class A laurels, Walter Mader broke 90 and won a shootoff with Michael Benlock and Philip Andes for Class B honors and Carl Bittner shot an 89 for the Class C trophy.

               Michael Kemp                                     Steve Sprout                                          Carl Bittner                     Pat & Jack Gandee Doubles Champion             Class A Champion                            Class C Champion

The Handicap Championship named for this years' inductee, Cameron Bailey, saw Justin Miller from Kentucky break 97 from the twenty one yard line to win the Championship. Cameron was two shots back for 25-27 yards honors, 22-24.5 yardage Group was won by Edsel Kittle and 18-21.5 laurels won by Roger Taylor after a shootoff with Michael Mattone; Sr. Veteran: Thomas Urquhart; Veteran: Larry Lilley;  Lady Champion: Sandra Spencer; Junior: Hattie Scott and Sub Junior: Maddy Long

          Justin Miller                                            Roger Taylor                                             Edsel Kittle 

Cameron Bailey Handicap Champion     18-21.5 Yardage Group Champion       22-24.5 Yardage Group Champion


Cameron also won the Emerson Lilley Memorial Trophy as well as the HAA trophy, here Cameron is presented the Memorial trophy by Larry Lilley by the Emerson Memorial Flag Pole at the Moundsville club.

  Marshall County Hunting & Fishing Club does a wonderful job preparing for this shoot each year Larry Lilley and others work tirelessly and every year the grounds are impeccable despite the fact the club is prone to flooding. This year they were flooded twice, once the water was five feet high in the building. The WVATA thanks MCH&FC for their dedication to the sport.

WV has had several All Americans 1934 Bunny Sanders was named to the Women's First Team and after a considerable drought Ira Eyler made the men's first team in 1962 along with his son Ira Jr making the Junior's First Team. Ira Eyler Jr. made the Jr. 1st Team again in 1963 and was a Men's Honorable mention in 1969. Percy Talkington made the Sub Junior's Team in 1975 and the Junior's 1st Team in 1976 and 1977. Then another drought when Brien Murray made the Sub Junior Team in 1992 and in 1993 Michael Aftanas was named to the Sub Junior Team. Robert "Bob" Reed was on the 1995 Veteran Team and the 1998 and 2000 Senior Veteran Team. Not since the Eyler's double placement in 1962 has there been a multiple WV All Americans but in 2005 William "Bill" Young and Cassie Sharrer Galligher made the Sr Veteran Second Team and the Women's Second Team respectively. Cassie repeating the honor in 2006. The latest All American was Alec Sauble 2014 Junior Gold 2nd Team.

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