West Virginians at the Virginia State Shoot

We have been at the Virginia State Shoot since Wednesday and Cameron Bailey has won two events outright. Cameron was the only 100 in Event 1 and repeated the feat in Event 6 along with six others where we’re waiting the outcome of today Championship Singles. Breaking 97 in Event 5 handicap winning by a margin of 2.

    Cameron is an All American so when Mark Isner and I asked for some tips he was eager to help. Cameron is apparently big on relaxation, bubble baths, and candles. Of course, Mark and I looked at each other and kind of snickered a bit. Mark and I haven’t shot close to our best since we’ve been here and the first hundred of Saturday’s Championship Singles we both shot scores so low they can’t even be whispered in public. Shaking our heads all the way back to the campers on our door step we found gift bags, left by the Trap fairy, containing the recipe for success.

A bottle of Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with pure Epsom Salt, guaranteed to relax the body and relieves the mind, nourishing your skin as the long lasting bubbles gently cleanse with Eucalyptus and Spearmint. A wild honeysuckle candle and a Zen relaxation CD.  I came out of the camper and hearing music looked over and Mark was well, they say a picture is worth a 1000 words which is good because I have none for this:


We’ll see on the second hundred……..still not the answer. We apparently neglected the candle so to hedge our bet for Sunday we decided to go big.


More later….