WV Shooters at the 2018 Grand American

Grand American Update!

    Gary Gaither smashes a 99 in the Grand American Handicap to Win Veteran Category! Gary Gaither has only registered slightly over 10,000 targets in his career which started in 1992 and by 1994 he had on registered a little over 1,000. Gary took back up the sport in 2017. Self proclaimed "newbies" Gary and Michael Wilder have been stepping up their numbers in the ATA, both winning trophies at this years WV State Shoot. Gary found success quickly at the highest level, the Grand American Handicap. Gary would have placed some where between Runnerup and Seventh, however declaring a category means you can only shootoff for Champion if you're high in the event and if you're elibigle for any trophy in you're category you're not elgible for runnerup, place or class. Gary's 99 was the top score in Veteran Class. Congratulations to Gary for a fine preformance in his first Grand American, I'd say he's progressed well beyond "newbie".

  Updates include Sandra Spencer was Lady II Champion and Fred Dague was Sub Vet Runnerup in the Champions of Champions Event where all the Champions from their respective State Shoot complete for the Champion of Champions.

Cameron Bailey was Class AAA Runnerup in Evetn # 20 Kubota Doubles. Doug Damron was the Sr. Vet Runner up in ATA WORLD HAA CHAMPIONSHIP as well as Class A Runnerup in the ATA High Overall.

   You can read about earlier events below.


As I write this there are currently sixteen West Virginians at the Grand American. First to trophy was Sandra Spencer in Event #1 the Hodgdon Powder Singles and Event #2 the Trap & Field Handicap winning Lady II third place, Lady II Third in Winchester Super 500 Singles, Lady II Champion in Event #15 the Winchester AA Class Singles Championship, Lady II Third in Event #16 President Jim Jones Handicap. In addition to Sandra and her husband Lonnie, Mark Isner, Fred Dauge, Doug Damron, Jim Schad, Cameron Bailey, Darrel Murray, Ronald Moreland, Gary Gaither, Thomas Miller, Michael Wilder, Donald Lafollette, Michael Snyder, Nicholas Harden and Bob Harden are here.

    Doug and Fred always have a cookout and cornhole championship night and it was Sunday Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Fred's  famous beans, cucumber and tomato salad, deviled eggs, potato salad and more. Yummmm

Sandy makes her trophy total three with  third in todays handicap Event #16 the President Jim Jones Handicap. Cameron Bailey had to go three extra rounds to take the top spot for 97's which was ninth in the same handicap event.

 Wednesday back a Doug Damrons place the fish fry was on Maynard and Sue Brooks along with Mary Ellen, Bea Isner and others put on a feast that was enjoied by all.


In Event #17 the DOWNRANGE MANUFACTURING DBLS CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP Bailey broke 98 and Dague a  97 the event was held at 8:00am due to weather the day before.

Event #19 Clever Handicap saw several WV in a shoot off for Veteran Category however only Jim Schad answered the call he a nd several others were tied for third place with 96's. Jim was unsuccessful against the longer yardage shooters but none the less was on the shoot off field. Ronald Moreland broke 97 to tie for top Veteran spot was relagated to runnerup when he failed to answer the call. Gary Gaither also broke 96 but didn't answer the call either. congratulations Shooters!

There's a lot of waiting to shoot off.

Jim Schad

  Event #20 Kobota Doubles Cameron Bailey broke them all with Bob Harden breaking 96 and Darrel Murray a 95 and Mark Isner a 94. Congratulations shooters!

The ATA Clay Target Championship is the most prestigious singles event in the world fitting then that they call it the ATA World Clay Target Championship. Today fourteen West Virginians took the line to, as we do every year, try their luck. Fred Dague didn’t need any luck just as he did at the WV State Shoot he broke them all. Yep, 200 straight, yea he said he was nervous wreck but that comes with it, you get the same feeling you had on your first date, in the last five targets, mouth a little dry, palms a little wet, a little anxiety that’s when you know it means something to you. Earlier in the week Fred broke a 199 and said he really wanted that other target. Sandra Spencer was just one less than Fred fighting a hard opening gun, a 199, still top in her category LDII. They went to the shootoffs. Fred for Champion and Sandra for LDII Champion. Fred went to the line first shoot fifty then we’ll see. Fred dropped one in each 25 something he hadn’t done all day to get there. Sandra had to go three rounds, 75, to decide her shootoff and it wasn’t in her favor, her gun still not working right despite being repaired by Perazzi . The two went out and ran the first 25 Sandra missed one early in the second round and the other shooter missed one late and back they went. Sandra missed one late and it was done she would be the LDII runnerup for the second year in a row. Other WV scores were Cameron Bailey 199,  Bob Harden 198, Doug Dameron  and Michael Snyder 196, Jim Schad 194,  Gary Gaither and Donald Lafollette 192, Lonnie Spencer 191, Darrel Murray and Michael Wilder 190.

In the Grand American Preliminary Handicap

 Cameron Bailey broke 96, Fred Dague and Michael Wilder broke 95, Michael Snyder, Thomas Miller and Sandra Spencer broke 94, Jim Schad a 93, Doug Damron a 92, Gary Gaither a 91, Bob Harden a 90

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