It’s official! West Virginia has Three ATA All-Americans for 2019!


Not since 2005 has more than one WV shooter been named to the ATA All-American Team, considered the highest achievement a shooter can obtain short of winning one of the five championship rings at the Grand.

Cameron Bailey makes the Men’s Second Team for the second straight year, after a “Grand” performance Bailey broke the nearly fifty year drought of a WV making the Open Men’s Team last year. Repeating the performance Cameron was only three spots from the Open Men’s First Team. Cameron obtained another goal he had set for himself ending the year and earning AAA27AAA. Last year he earned the AA27AA honor. This is Cameron’s second straight placement on the All-American Team after only having started in 2012 and was ATA’s 2013 Rookie of the year and not shooting at all in 2014 that’s a pretty impressive resume’.


Sandra Spencer is certainly well known to the shooting community having started shooting in 1977. A twelve time WV Ladies Champion her winning hasn’t stopped at the WV border. She won the 1983 Ladies Grand American Vandalia Handicap Championship after a shoot-off for the Grand American Vandalia Handicap Championship against a squad of All Americans, one of which was Dan Bonillas. In the 2014 Grand American Gipson Ricketts Handicap she earned Lady II Runner-up and the 2014 Grand American Lady II Handicap Champion, her most satisfying win. Other accomplishments: 2016 Grand American Mec Shooting Sports Singles Lady II Third Place; 2016 Grand American Sterling Cut Glass Singles Lady II Runner-up. 2017 Grand American Clay Target Championship Lady II Runner-up; 2017 VTA Old Dominion Sandra won or was runner-up in every event; 2017 Dixie Grand Caesar Guerini Handicap Lady II Champion; Dixie Grand Singles Lady II Champion; Dixie Grand Handicap Lady II Runner-up. In 2018 Sandra earned three Grand American Preliminary Trophies and won Lady II Champion the Winchester AA Class Singles Championship with a 199, Lady II third in the Pres. Jim Jones Handicap. Broke a hundred straight in the Champions of Champions event and was the Lady II Champion. Breaking another 199 and shooting off in the ATA World Clay Target Championship was Lady II Runner up. All in all a pretty good year for Sandy. This is Sandra’s first placement on the All-American Team and the third WV lady. Cassie Sharrer was named twice in 2005 and 2006 and Bunny Sanders in 1934.


Fred Dague started shooting ATA registered targets in 1998 earning two WV Singles Championships in 2005 and 2018 both with 200 straights, a WV Handicap Championship in 2007 and a WV Doubles Championship in 2009 and three All Around titles in 2005, 2006 and 2008. He was the SubVet Runner up in the Champion of Champion event at the Grand American this year with a 100 straight and a 200 straight in the World Clay Target Championship. Another 200 straight for NR SubVet winner at the PA State Shoot as well as NR SubVet winner of the PA State Doubles Championship and NR SubVet winner of the HAA. Fred earned the AA27AA status in 2004 and the coveted ATA Grand Slam in 2007 only the second WV shooter to accomplish that honor, John Garrison was the first in 1999. To date less than 500 shooters have completed the ATA Grand Slam of 200 straight in Singles, 100 straight from the 27 and 100 straight in Doubles.Fred is also known for his shoot cookouts and cornhole expertise. This is Fred’s first placement on the SubVet ATA All-American Team.

Congratulations to all the WV ATA All-Americans!  

All of WV ATA All-Americans are listed below:

1934   SANDERS   BUNNY         Women's First Team

1962   EYLER        IRA             Men's First Team

1962   EYLER JR   IRA              Junior First Team

1963   EYLER JR   IRA             Junior First Team

1969   EYLER JR   IRA              Men's Honorable Mention

1975   TALKINGTON        PERCY         Sub-Junior Team

1976   TALKINGTON        PERCY         Junior First Team

1977   TALKINGTON        PERCY         Junior First Team

1992   MURRAY     BRIEN             Sub-Junior Team

1993   AFTANAS    MICHAEL        Sub-Junior Team

1995   REED          ROBERT         Veteran Team

1998   REED          ROBERT         Senior Veteran Team

2000   REED          ROBERT         Senior Veteran Team

2005   SHARRER   CASSIE           Women's Second Team

2005   YOUNG       WILLIAM        Senior Veteran Second Team

2006   SHARRER   CASSIE           Women's First Team

2014   SAUBLE      ALEC             Junior Gold Second Team

2015   Damron       Douglas        Veteran Second Team

2016   SAUBLE      ALEC             Junior Gold Second Team

2017   Damron        Douglas        Veteran Second Team

2018   Bailey           Cameron      Open Second Team

2019   Bailey           Cameron      Open Second Team

2019   Dague           Fred            Subvet Second Team

2019   Spencer        Sandra          Lady II Second Team

   AAA27AAA Honors

Cameron Bailey 2018

    AA27AA Honors

Cameron Bailey 2017

Mark Isner       2009

Robert Harden  2008

Fred Dague      2004

Darrell Dowler   1998

Richard Murray  1996

Robert Lowe     1992

Darrel Murray    1990

John Garrison    1987