Terry Groves Update

Bob, since I broke my femur at the State shoot, I have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. This is a cancer of the blood that destroys the bones. Hence, the mass that was in my femur. Think it broke when I fell because a hole was left when they removed the tumor. Rods & plates were in place so didn't have to have surgery. But in the xray they found a spot on my spine which they have filled with "cement." Since then with a PET scan they have found 2 other spots. I am currently taking chemo pills at home and having infusion once a week at WVU. So far so good - no effects from the chemo. This is a cancer they can treat and although it is not curable, it can go into remission. I'm very positive and take each day as it comes. You can pass this on to the guys.


I follow the WV shooters through Trap & Field.  Proud to be a part of WV Trap.  If all goes well, will be on the line next year.  Terry

We wish Terry a speedy recovery and pray for his healing.