2019 WV State Team


    The 2019 WV State Team is posted. There were some firsts this year starting with three first year shooters making the team, Megan Snyder, First Team Sub Jr; First Team Jr, Ella Goodwin and Second Team Hattie Scott. Together these three young ladies shot over ten thousand targets last year, Megan topped the list with five thousand two hundred and fifty, Hattie forty eight hundred and Ella twenty six hundred and fifty. That is serious first year shooting! Another first was in the Sr. Vet category both were listed at 89.00 % because of rounding to two digits. Taking it out too six digits before the tie could be broken, tight competition for sure! Of course no less than three All Americans grace the list, Cameron Bailey with a near 96 overall average, Sandy Spencer and Fred Dague. Congratulations to all!

Team requirements are as follows:



Section 1. The all-state teams will consist of two teams. The 1st team: A captain, four team members, a lady 1 and lady 2 , a veteran, a senior veteran, a sub veteran, a junior, a junior gold, and a sub junior (if two or more are in each category) (amended 2018). The 2nd team: A captain, four team members, and all special categories. (ALL SPECIAL CATEGORIES ADDED TO THE SECOND TEAM AMENDMENT JULY 1997)

Section 2. The state ATA delegate shall determine the team from state residents that are qualified and in good standing with the Association and the ATA.

Section 3. Minimum qualifications: (amended 2009) (amended 2016)- registered targets only – does not include registered league targets (amended 2018).

(A) Men & Sub Veteran 1000 16 yard targets, 1000 Handicap, 800 Doubles

(B) Lady 1 & 2, Veteran, Sr. Veteran, Junior, Sub Junior and Jr. Gold

800 16 yard targets,  800 Handicap,  500 Doubles

(D) Shooters are required to shoot the 400 CHAMPIONSHIP TARGETS at the State Shoot to qualify for the State Team (Amendment July 1997)

Section 4. Computations for all around average: 16 yd average + handicap average + doubles average / 3 = all around average. The captain will have the highest average regardless of category, except for Captain of 1st team, special categories will take precedence over regular team member placement. Example: the Veteran with the highest must take his category placement unless he has the highest average then he can choose to be captain or category. Category based on Classification at WV State Shoot.(amended 2016).

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