The Undertaker Goes to the Grand American

Steve Sprout's, aka "Undertaker",  first trip to the Grand American with his buddy Fred Dague was a good trip out, chatted like little girls was quipped by one. But once he showed up at the Grand he made sure shooters knew that WV was there. Straight away he posted a 97 in the days handicap, shooting off for 27 yd, was the winner, next in the Clay Target Championship he carded a perfect 200 and winning Class AA 4th place in the shootoff, the Sportear doubles was washed out the day before and the next morning Undertaker shot a near perfect 99 and into a 3 way carryover to the Doubles Championship later that day letting only one more slip by Steve ended the day with a 98 which earned him Class AA 3rd place in the carryover and a spot to shootoff in the Doubles Championship for Class AA 4th and 5th. unsuccessful for the first time in a shootoff. However the score of 200, 98 and a 95 in the Grand American Handicap secured him the Class AA Winner in the overall with a 393. Fred also shot off in the CTC but a late miss ended his bid for placement. I can only imagine the 9 hour trip home. Well done Steve and Fred! P.S. I think they were also the corn hole champs as well.