Darrel Murray passes the 100,000 mark in Singles AND Handicap

Long time trapshooter, WV State Champion and Past President Darrel Murray shot passed the 100,000 mark on 7-3-2010 at the Virginia State singles championship.

His 100K in handicap won't be far off with the total now at 99,300, He also has 62,850 Doubles targets registered. Darrel a multi-time State Champion starting in 1989 has amassed Ten State Titles, two State Singles Championships, two Handicap Championships, a Doubles Championship and five All-Around Championship Titles. Darrel has worn many hats at the state shoot among them, setting targets, squadding, Trophy committee, shoot offs, even selling hats at the State Shoot, but, perhaps among Darrel's greatest accomplishments was his leadership as President of the WVATA for 5 consecutive three year terms, that's 15 years, some through especially troubled times. Darrel retired as president last year now serving as Ex-Officio until the next president retires.

Update! At the Hall Of Fame Shoot Darrel said he shot at and smoked his 100,000th handicap Target recently