New Trap Range in WV

There is certainly one thing that is uncommon today, that is to shoot at new trap range. I had the pleasure of shooting at one such range last Wednesday. Pete Landfried has built a trap range on his estate in Kenna, WV called  Scorched Earth Range, although clearly from the photographs posted it’s anything but.

       I spent the day with Pete while completing the paperwork to submit to the ATA to hold registered events. We celebrated their fine installation job and shot several rounds of sixteens with Pete, his dad, Charles, Randy Jones and Doug McGrew.  The Lanfrieds are not new to trapshooting, Pete loaded targets in the 80’s at Kera while his dad shot.  Charles began registering targets in 1977 thru 1984 amassing 14,250 singles, 10,200 handicap and 3,950 doubles and at age 79 has recently returned to the sport. Pete brings a squad of new shooters including his daughter Bailey to Point Pleasant’s registered shoots.  A shooting schedule will be posted on the website when it becomes available. Pete also has plans for some non-registered “games”.