Dague and Isner in AZ and Jackson in Florida

Fred Dague and Mark Isner travelled to Tucson last week to compete in the Autumn Grand American and compete they did. Fred shooting twenty five hundred targets breaking 100’s in events 4 & 18 and 200 in event 22 the Singles Championship. In event 3 the Class Doubles breaking 99 for Class A honors and Event 7 Tucson Doubles Championship won Class A with a 96 and 19 more in a shootoff. Fred also won the 25-26.5 yard group in the Tucson Handicap Championship with a 94, the HAA Veteran.

Mark started with event 9 breaking a hundred straight and winning SubVet in Preliminary Singles. Mark broke 99 in the Double Adobe Doubles but failed by one bird in the carryover. Fred breaking the hundred in the Tucson Singles Class Championship and then running another hundred in the shootoff that lasted 150 targets. Fred came back in the Singles Championship to break the 200 straight along with four other veterans but a miss in the first round of the shootoff placed him tied for third with only two trophies. Mark Isner misses his 3rd target out and breaks 99 in the Handicap Championship winning Subvet not opting to shootoff for Champion but the only 99 in the Calcutta took 50% of the pot.  Fred posting a 96 in the same event and not opting to shootoff for veteran runner up. Fred however did secure the Autumn Grand HAA with a veteran high of 390. A Grand start on All American points for the new year.

On the other side of the US Chuck Jackson shot the Florida State Shoot winning the veteran trophy for non resident in Sunday’s Championship Doubles and the veteran trophy in the Handicap Championship earning 165 All American points in the process.