Larry and Kenneth Lilley 2021 Inductees in the WV Hall of Fame


It comes as no surprise to shooters who frequent Marshall County Hunt and Fishing Club in Moundsville, WV that the grounds, the targets, the scoring and just the general operation of the club that Larry and Kenneth Lilley have had a large part in making it happen. It is for their dedication to trapshooting that they were nominated and by unanimous vote, will be inducted in the WV Hall of Fame June 12 & 13, 2021 during the Annual Hall of Fame Shoot hosted at the club to join their father, Emerson, who was inducted in 2001. All the events will be named for the Lilley family. So come and join us in honoring these two hard working shooters that make the WV Hall of Fame Shoot happen. Congratulations, Larry and Kenneth and thanks from the WVATA for your work.

Larry Lilley

The only photograph I found of Kenneth Lilley, which is fitting as he and Larry are the first to arrive and last to leave such are the never ending tasks at a trapshoot, here he is burning the boxes late into the night at the Hall of Fame shoot.