Jack Gandee Eclipses' the 100,000 Mark in Singles

Trapshooting elder Jack Gandee shot at his 100,000 th target Nov. 28th at Airport Gun Club. He's close in Handicap too, with 94700 as well as 44050 in doubles since starting to register targets in 1972. Jack, well known to the trapshooting community, having served many positions in the WVATA over the years.

I think, if I'm not mistaken, as director, president and even ATA delegate, his wife Pat serving as association secretary, running the squadding table and giving out the trophies to the winners as well as other responsibilities for many years too. Their daughter Jenny was Ladies Singles Champion in 1973. Both Pat and Jack were inducted in the WVATA Hall of Fame in 1997 for their contributions to the sport. Longtime sports car racing friend John Gatski introduced me to trapshooting in WV. My first trapshooting experience was "Friday Night at Jack's Trap Range" I shot every game they let me until I ran out of shells (I may of even bought some from Jack). I became a regular as were many shooters from WV and Ohio every Friday night and on Sundays in the winter. Jack's holds a lot of memories for me, it's where I met most of the trapshooters I know, breaking the white bird for some of Pat's great hot dogs, I won the Jackpot one Sunday, buddy shoots with Frank Hall, John Gatski, Debbie and Bob Lowe among others. Jack, a retired tool and die maker, also  a gunsmith porting barrels, putting choke tubes in barrels, are just a couple of the things he did for me, in fact Jack was always trying something new, innovating. Jack, always willing to help out new shooters, has probably introduced more people to trapshooting than anyone I know. Most hobbies don't last nearly 40 years but Jack's has. Next time you see him congratulate and thank him for what he has done for the sport. Thanks Jack.

Bob Harden