2012 Grand American WV Shooters Results

August 19, 2012


I just returned from the 2012 Grand American World Trapshooting Championships and want to mention a few accomplishments of West Virginia shooters. Also, the weather was the coolest I can remember. We only had one day of bad rain storms over the entire shoot and when it came, it was a dandy.


I know of eleven (11) shooters who competed in the shoot from West Virginia. During the Champion of Champions event, Fred Dague from Valley Grove shot a 99 X 100. However, he was classified as an AA shooter and not a category shooter of Sub Veteran which was never corrected. Had it been, he would have been in a shoot off for third place in the Sub Veteran category.


Kinzy Smith shot during the Event 20 (Crow Shooting Supply Handicap) and broke a 98 from the 21 yard line and tied with three other shooters for Senior Veteran. Due to the rain storm mentioned above, his shoot off was the following night. During this event there were only three places and four people were tied. After shooting off, Kinzy ended up with the third place trophy.


Another West Virginia shooter, Toot Riggle, shot a 97 from the 20.5 yard line in the same event and was in a shoot off the same night. Following him to the line to watch him in the shoot off, we found out that Adam Cline of Wayne, WV was also there shooting off against him. Toot managed to break 24 out of 25 and Adam broke all 25 and came away with the third place trophy. After the event and talking to Adam, he also had won a trophy earlier in the week. During Event 16, (President Jeff Wagner Handicap) he broke a 96 and won the 18-20 yard championship. Toot Riggle may have lost the shoot off but won $892.00 in the Lewis and stills has a smile on his face.


Sandra Spencer broke a 93 in the Lady 2 Category in Event 20, and was on the TV monitor for a long time but was edged out of a trophy as the later score sheets were turned in. We are very proud of her and her husband Lonnie and the representation they give for our state and their friendly and positive personalities.


Scott Ross was in the Beretta drawing shoot offs in Class AAA. After breaking a perfect 25 singles, only three AAA shooters were left to shoot from Handicap yardage positions. When it was done, Scott won and in the process is now the new owner of a Beretta shotgun.


The last trophy which was really the first was won by me. I broke 100 straight in Event One (Hodgdon Powder Singles) and it carried over to the next day and I broke a 99 and ended up winning the Class AA Runner Up trophy.


When possible, I shoot with Robert Harden from South Charleston WV and in doing so, he pushes me to be a better shooter. He broke several good scores including 100 straight in the first 100 of the Clay Target Championship but missed a couple on the second. We all know that when you miss at the Grand, especially in Singles, it means you are shooting practice.

As always, if you have any information you would like to see in Trap and Field, please let me know by calling me at 304-532-6149 or sending me an email at: Markisner@aol.com


Mark Isner

WV ATA Delegate