More Stories from the 2012 Grand American

Mark Isner's story on the WV results at the Grand American tells how we shot, I thought I would tell the rest of the story in pictures.

Left to right Mark Isner, Bob Harden, Toot Riggle, Scott Ross, Fred Dague, Sandy Spencer, Kinsey Smith, Lonnie Spencer. Not pictured Edsel Kittle and Adam Cline.

  Fred always has a good time, He's also a good cook, grilling hamburgers made from his cow Bessie

Fred also has a passion for home made libations this one was called apple pie

and another passion is Championship Corn Hole

from Scotty's expression I'd say he was down to Fred, but concentrating mightily. Perhaps Scotty was still stinging from the HOA loss at the Talmadge Rose Memorial Shoot, He and Chris Rupple tied with 283 and the tie breaker ? Corn Hole tournament!  One place Scotty never got down  was in the Beretta Shootout. Ten Shooters are drawn in each Class from AAA to D to shoot to win a Beretta semi-automatic shotgun one for each class. Scotty a AAA shooter was drawn as were 9 other AAA shooters one of which was an All American. The shootout was 25 from the 16 yard, those breaking all 25 moved on to the miss and out portion, three shooters including Scotty and the All American remained, each shooting and breaking their targets one from the 23, the 24, the 25 and the 26 yard line, rotating leadoff at each station when they got to the 27 it was Scotty's turn to shoot first and  breaking his target the other two missed. I'm not taking anything from Scotty but Fred seems to think his hex, some sort of a voodoo thing, had a bearing on the other two shooters missing.  The shootout was over with Scotty triumphant.

Nothing to it!

The winners were brought out in front of the grandstand and Beretta presented them with shotguns, Scotty on the far right won the AAA Class and Dominic Bratta shooter from Maryland, far left, won the B class shootout, I met Dominic some years ago at one of Kay's Clinics.

  The dandy storm Mark talks about was probably the worst storm I've been in. Fred's Squad was shooting doubles and with a couple of pair left the ATA announced to clear the line,  Fred conned the scorer into staying so they could finish the couple pair they had left as you can see in the picture while the squad calmly walks off the field the scorer jumps from the chair and runs for cover.

The scorer obviously was looking at this coming toward him:


The wind was in excess of 65 mph. The blue people movers were sent rolling across fields for several hundred yards and into parking  lots and cars, this car was parked parallel to the truck until the people mover crashed into it.

That's the scorer's chair in front of the truck!

This trailer on the corner from me and was blown off it's blocks, a big wrecker was called:

He needed the wrecker as well

Trapshooting elder Kinsey Smith smash a 98 in the Crow Shooting Supply Handicap event 20 and shot off for senior  Veteran  catagory, placing 3rd.

Kinsy to the right of the scorer.

Toot Riggle had a good grand, he shot off with Adam Cline and others for 3rd spot in a handicap event, Toot only missed one but Adam ran them out to take 3rd spot. Here's Toot at the shootoff under the lights:

and Adam in the same shootoff:

Adam also was the 18-20 yard winner earlier in the week

Toot lost this shoot off but hit the ATA lewis for nearly $900.00, he was smiling the rest of the Grand.


Toot breaks one in daylight:

Fred as well:

Winchester flew in 5 time Olympic medalist Kim Roade, she received a Champions welcome from the crowd and thanked everyone for all the support she has received over the years. Kim is the only American to medal in 5 consecutive Olympics and she's going to Rio in 2016. She has won 2 gold medals in women's double trap and when it was eliminated as an event she switched to skeet and tied the Olympic record of 99/100 on her way to this year's Gold medal.

Winchester honored her accomplishments with this:

Special edition boxes will be on sale shortly.

American Vincent Hancock won the gold in mens skeet and is the first to repeat in that Olympic event, also setting a world and Olympic record.