Scott Ross Handicap Champion, Kevin Miller Singles Champion, Michael Kemp Doubles & Overall Champion

It was Great!!!!

The 2013 WV State Shoot is in the books! You will find the winners listed below and the shoot  summary and photographs are located in the image galleries to the left.

All was ready, the grounds of Brooke County Sportsman & Farmers Association were immaculate. Rain earlier in the week had everything green; all was ready, the only thing to do was to wait for Thursday, we even had a rainbow.....

The start of the 2013 WV State Shoot was delayed. Mon Power arrived on the grounds around  8 am Thursday and informed management the 25,000 Volt transformer repaired on Wednesday had to be tested and the power to the town of Bethany, which included the Gun Club, would be off for approximately one and a half hours.


The power to the grounds returned at 1:30 pm. We had total 1267 entries and shooters from 11 states, two as far away as Hawaii, Emiliano Achaval and Nicholas Corbat new shooters came to the Mecca of shooting Emiliano broke his first 25 here, they had a great time and off to the Southern Zone next.

The David Slusher Singles began with 109 shooters using 5 banks. Curt Paul, Bill King and Darrell Dowler blasted 100 straights. After carry over, Curt Paul was crowned Open High Gun with Bill King and Darrell Dowler taking Sub Vet and Vet.

Darrel Murray bested 103 shooters with a 98 to claim top honors in the Erich Reger Handicap.

Richard Granatir's 98 was one of two in the Robert Harden Doubles. Curt Paul was the other high score for Open Vet Class. There was a total of 70 shooters competing.

Despite the start being delayed three and a half hours, the days events were concluded by shooting doubles under lighted fields. Four shooters shot off for one of two ATA life memberships donated by Mark Isner and BCF&SA. Six shooters took the line and when it was down to two Chuck Jackson and Alec Sauble, President Elect Chuck gave it to Junior Gold Shooter Alec saying"He'll get more use out of it than I will" .

Friday we had power, but, a micro switch in bank two trap took out an entire bank.. A volunteer drove half way towards Ebensburg, PA to meet the trap parts vendor for the needed parts.  The trap was repaired and back in use in time for the days doubles event.

The Class Champions for Friday are listed in the table below.

Saturday's Singles Championship went without a hitch 198 shooters started the 200 bird competition. Kevin Miller and two time Singles Champion Doug Damron both carded 198's to top the field. After the shoot off, Kevin was the 2013 WV Singles Champion with Doug taking Veteran. Scott Ross,

Michael Kemp and Darrell Dowler shot off for Runner-up spot with Ross coming out on top and Dowler falling back to Class AA.

Class A singles winner Rob Ingram also won Class C Doubles Honors and Fred Dague's "Earlybird 1,000 Target Champion.  Morgan Lough's 196 was high in B Class. Shelly Slusher and Terry Groves knotted at 185 in Class C with Shelly winning the shoot off. Shelly and Husband David, also claimed WV Husband & Wife. Jerry Huffman carded a 186 for D Class laurals.

Six time Lady's Champion Jennifer Everett swept the Lady I Category all week for her 7th consecutive Lady's Singles Championship, Lady II winner, Sandra Spencer, added another Lady II Championship to her already 5 Lady's Championships and 1 Lady II Championship as well as sweeping the rest of the resident Lady II category.

Junior Gold shooters Alec Sauble took the title in 8 events and the over all as well. Jared Henderson claimed honors in the two early Handicaps. Gerald Narigon shot a 187 for Resident Sr. Vet. Open Shooters Joe Charnigo and Paul Harvey both broke 200's. After a 9 round shoot off Joe was the Open Singles Champion. WV Parent & Child winners Alec and Todd Sauble toppled the 3 year dynasty of Nick and Bob Harden. Darrel Dowler loss just 6 singles targets all week for the Richard & Mildred Paxton Memorial Belt Buckle.

Sunday's weather was beautiful for the Championship Doubles 148 shooters took the line 19 time Doubles Champion Darrel Dowler,  2000 Doubles Champion Michael Kemp and Patrick Swartz knotted at 94, with Swartz not answering the call Darrell and Michael shot off with Michael the winner. Joe Charnigo captured the top Open Doubles Champion with a score of 97.

Fred Dague again donated two Shamrock Shell Bags for the Earlybird Champion and the Earlybird 1000 target Champion below are the winners. Thanks Fred!!

             Adam Cline                                                 Rob Ingram

The Handicap Championship was decided after a shoot off between squad mates Scott Ross and Fred Dague with Scotty prevailing and Fred claiming Sub Vet. Four shooters with 95's shot off for Runner up through 5th Place with Leon Lowther runner-up, Nick Harden 3rd, 4th went to Michael Kemp, 5th to Toot Riggle and 6th to David Slusher. Michael Kemp also claimed both HAA and HOA awards.

 The second ATA life membership that was donated by Mark Isner and BCF&SA, saw 14 shooters compete in the miss and out shoot off format. In the end Doug Damron was the last shooter standing, winning the ATA life membership.

Complete results below.

The Annual Meeting was held Friday night with presentations to Bruce Haislip and David Kemp for their years of running the shoot computers flawlessly. The state team was recognized with certificates and team hats.  The Officers for next year are:

President: Charles Jackson

Vice President: Scott Ross

Secretary: Jim Schad

Treasurer: Steve Sprout

ATA Delegate: Nick Harden

Alt Delegate: Robert Harden

1st Alt Delegate: Darrell Dowler

2nd Alt Delegate: Fred Dague

Director at Large: Toot Riggle

A contest with be held for a new WV State Shoot logo with the design winner shooting FREE targets at next years State Shoot. Designs must be submitted before Jan 1 2014. Details coming!!!

The 2014 HOF Shoot will be held May 24th and 25th 2014 at Marshall County Hunting & Fishing Club in Moundsville WV.

The 2014 WV State Shoot will be held July 10th - 13th 2014 at Brooke County Sportsman & Farmers Association, Wellsburg WV.

I would like to thank everyone that made this a successful shoot, especially the following people Jason Kokosinski, Jennifer, Mary Ellen Dague, Fred Dague, Janet, Neuman, Bruce Haislip, David Kemp, Darrel Murray, Mark Isner, Jim Schad, Steve Sprout, Nick Harden, Toot Riggle, Noreen Snively, Chuck Jackson, Alec and Todd Sauble Jared Henderson, Scott Ross, Gerald Narigon and all the trap loaders and scorers trap mechanics Gene Snively and Ken Mills kept everything running for without them there would be no State Shoot.

                                                                          Thanks again

                                                                             Bob Harden

Nick and I are headed for the Southern Zone more after we get back. 


Event 1 David Slusher Singles Score
Open High Gun Curtis Paul 100
Open Class AA Richard Granatir 99
Open Class A Steve Sprout 99
Open Class B James Marcum 99
Open Class C David Mowry 98
Open Class D Jerome Stefkovich 92
Open Junior Gold Alec Sauble 92
Open Junior Ian Fleming 98
Open Sub-Junior Scott Harry 89
Open Lady I Jennifer Everett 97
Open Lady II Peggy Wise 95
Open Sub-Veteran Bill King 100
Open Veteran Darrell Dowler 100
Open Sr. Veteran Kenneth Shockey 99


Event 2


Erich Reger Handicap



Open High Gun Darrel Murray 98
Open 18-21 Jerry Workman 96
Open 22-23 PJ Shanholtz 94
Open 24-25 Chuck Jackson 92
Open 26-27 Richard Granatir 97
Open Junior Gold Jared Henderson 88
Open Junior Tyler Chase 92
Open Sub-Junior Michael Stabinski 86
Open Lady I Jennifer Everett 89
Open Lady II Sandy Spencer 91
Open Sub-Veteran Robert Harden 95
Open Veteran Jerry Lawson 97
Open Sr. Veteran Joe Estok 97


Event 3


Robert Harden Doubles



Open High Gun Richard Granatir 98
Open Class AA Robert Harden 89
Open Class A Michael Kemp 95
Open Class B Brant Snively 94
Open Class C Jerome Stefkovich 93
Open Class D Adam Stefkovich 85
Open Junior Gold Alec Sauble 86
Open Junior Ian Fleming 95
Open Sub-Junior Michael Stabinski 49
Open Lady I Jennifer Everett 89
Open Lady II Sandy Spencer 81
Open Sub-Veteran PJ Shanholtz 95
Open Veteran Curt Paul 98
Open Sr. Veteran Tillo Molestatore 96

Event 4

WV Singles Class Championship

WV Class AA Mike Kemp 98
WV Class A Todd Sauble 100
WV Class B Nick Harden 97
WV Class C Larry Lilley 92
WV Class D Lonnie Spencer 89
Open AA Ron Smith 99
Open A Steve Sprout 99
Open B Keith Miller 98
Open C Dayne Crowley 96
Open D Adam Stefkovich 93
Open Junior Gold Alec Sauble 96
Open Junior Ian Fleming 100
Open Sub-Junior Michael Stabinski 95
Open Lady I Jennifer Everett 98
Open Lady II Peggy Wise 97
Open Sub-Veteran Fred Dague 99
Open Veteran Lou Sartoris 100
Open Sr. Veteran Bill Wheeler 98


Event 5


Preliminary Handicap



Open Champion John Hunnell 97
Open Runnerup Michael Benlock 97
Open 3rd Butch Pepka 96
Open 4th Ron Smith 95
Open 5th Ken Mills 95
Open 6th Adam Cline 95
Open Junior Gold Jared Henderson 85
Open Junior Ian Fleming 93
Open Sub-Junior Scott Harry 96
Open Lady I Beverly Scott 93
Open Lady II Sandy Spencer 93
Open Sub-Veteran James Marcum 96
Open Veteran Doug Damron 94
Open Sr. Veteran William Bowling 95


Event 6


WV Doubles Class Championship



WV Class AA Mike Kemp 97
WV Class A Pat Swartz 96
WV Class B Russell Lillard 96
WV Class C Jim Schad 93
WV Class D Kinzy Smith 78
Open AA Ron Smith 96
Open A Brant Snively 94
Open B Nick Harden 94
Open C Kevin Miller 92
Open D Bill Wheeler 81
Open Junior Gold Alec Sauble 84
Open Junior Ian Fleming 92
Open Sub-Junior Hunter Peters 65
Open Lady I Jennifer Everett 86
Open Lady II Beverly Mowry 82
Open Sub-Vet Darrel Murray 95
Open Veteran Daryl Farmer 93
Open Sr. Vet Tillio Molestatore 94


Event 7


WV Singles Championship



WV Singles Champion Kevin Miller 198
WV Singles Runner-up Scott Ross 197
WV Class AA Darrel Dowler 197
WV Class A Rob Ingram 196
WV Class B Morgan Lough 196
WV Class C Shelly Slusher 185
WV Class D Jerry Huffman 186
WV Lady I Jennifer Everett 192
WV Lady II Sandy Spencer 179
WV Junior Gold Alec Sauble 197
WV Sub-Vet PJ Shanholtz 195
WV Veteran Doug Damron 198
WV Sr. Veteran Geral Narigon 187
WV Husband & Wife David & Shelly Slusher 377
WV Parent & Child Todd & Alec Sauble 392
Open Singles Champion Joe Charnigo 200
Open Class AA Charles Wilson 199
Open Class A Lloyd Ridenbaugh 199
Open Class B Brian Breighner 195
Open Class C William Karwatske 193
Open Class D Susan Haley 188
Open Junior Gold John Thomas 199
Open Junior Casey Links 199
Open Sub-Junior Hunter Peters 190
Open Lady I Bethany Breighner 199
Open Lady II Peggy Wise 194
Open Sub Veteran Paul Harvey 200
Open Veteran Lou Sartoris 196
Open Sr. Veteran Phillip Criado 196
Open Husband & Wife Robert & Sara Dean 374
Open Parent & Child Brian & Bethany Breighner 394

Richard & Mildred Paxton Memorial

Singles Trophy on 400 singles


Darrell Dowler




Event 8


WV Doubles Championship



WV Doubles Champion Michael Kemp 94
WV Doubles Runner up Patrick Swartz 94
WV Class AA PJ Shanholtz 89
WV Class A Gary Holmes 93
WV Class B Kevin Miller 88
WV Class C Rob Ingram 89
WV Class D Bobby Meadows 78
WV Lady I Jennifer Everett 88
WV Lady II Sandra Spencer 63
WV Junior Gold Alec Sauble 88
WV Sub-Veteran Robert Harden 93
WV Veteran Darrel Dowler 94
WV Sr. Veteran Gerald Narigon 86
Open Champion Joe Charnigo 97
Open Class AA Richard Granatir 96
Open Class A Brandon Deal 95
Open Class B Paul Rossi 93
Open Class C Brian Breighner 90
Open Class D Tim McCracken 85
Open Junior Gold Ian Darroch 95
Open Junior Ian Fleming 91
Open Sub-Junior Scott Harry 75
Open lady I Bethany Breighner 87
Open Lady II Peggy Wise 86
Open Sub-Veteran Paul Marthey 95
Open Veteran Curtis Paul 94
Open Sr. Veteran John Sayle 95


Event 9


WV Handicap Championship



WV Handicap Champion Scott Ross 97
WV Handicap Runner up Leon Lowther 95
WV 3rd Place Nick Harden 95
WV 4th Place Michael Kemp 95
WV 5th Place Toot Riggle 95
WV 6th Place David Slusher 94
WV Lady I Jennifer Everett 96
WV Lady II Sandra Spencer 81
WV Junior Gold Alec Sauble 93
WV Sub Veteran Fred Dague 97
WV Veteran Doug Damron 96
WV Sr. Veteran Gerald Narigon 94
Open Handicap Champion Ken Mills 98
Open Runner up Steve Deal 98
Open 3rd Place Paul Hartigan 96
Open 4th Place Brant Snively 95
Open 5th Place Oscar Suski 95
Open 6th Place David laux 95
Open 7th Place Everett Haley 95
Open 8th Place David Cavanaugh 95
Open 9th Place Scott Withrow 95
Open 10th Place Ron Arter 95
Open Junior Gold Steve Todak 93
Open Junior Ian Fleming 95
Open Sub-Junior Preston Chilcote 89
Open Lady I Sara Dean 93
Open Lady II Partricia Sartoris 93
Open Sub Veteran Blake Nussbaum 97
Open Veteran John Hunnell 94
Open Sr. Veteran Jerry Slavka 96
Hall of Fame Contributor Award Ken Mills 98


High All Around


HAA 400

WV HAA Michael Kemp 386
Open HAA Charles Wilson 387
Open Junior Gold HAA John Thomas 384
Open Jr/SJr Haa Ian Fleming 387
Open Sub Vet HAA Paul Marthey 382
Open Vet HAA Darrell Dowler 382
Open Sr. Vet HAA Grant Winck 374
Open Lady I HAA Bethany Breighner 378
Open Lady II HAA Peggy Wise 364


High Over All


HOA 1000

WV HOA Mike Kemp 961
Open HOA Richard Granatir 965
Open Junior Gold HOA Alec Sauble 895
Open Jr/SJr HOA Ian Fleming 947
Open Sub Vet HOA PJ Shanholtz 947
Open Veteran HOA Darrell Dowler 939
Open Sr. Veteran HOA Gerald Narigon 904
Open Lady I HOA Jennifer Everett 922
Open Lady II HOA Beverly Mowry 853
WV Newt Jones Trophy PJ Shanholtz 947