WV Shooters Do Good at the Ohio State Shoot

The Ohio State Shoot was enjoyed by 33 WV shooters, among them was Russ Lillard of Morgantown who on Friday whipped out a 99 in Event #10  Rio Handicap, along with others, and after the shoot off was Non-Resident Runner Up. Scott Ross and Gary Holmes started their winning ways a little earlier in the week in Event #8 Downrange Singles Class Championship both broke 100's and after carry overs claimed SubVeteran and Veteran respectfully. Gary's trophy was a powderhorn, last heard, Gary was going to find a blackpowder firearm and a coonskin hat. Scotty also broke 200 in the Singles Championship, a 97 in the Handicap Championship along with a 96 in the Doubles Championship that brought him the Subveteran allaround with a 393. Scotty's pal, Fred Dague who just 3 weeks earlier broke a 200 and was crowned the Buckeye Singles Champion paired Ross's 97 in Handicap and was shy just one in the Doubles on Sunday. Bob Lowe, Mike Kemp and Toot Riggle broke 96's in the Handicap Championship as well. Other West Virginians attending were Sandy and Lonnie Spencer, Jerry Huffman, Erich Reger, James Marcum, Jerry Lawson, Kinzy Smith, Gerald Narigon, Darrel Murray, Darrell Dowler, Rob Ingram, Morgan Lough, Edsel Kittle, Leon Lowther, Chuck Jackson, Tim Efaw, John Hoover, Mark Isner, Doug Damron, Tom Miller, Tom Stine and Nick and Bob Harden.  Although not West Virginians I ran into Curt Paul who was on a tear breaking 96, 99 and 96 in Handicaps and a 199 in the Singles Championship, also friends Jerry Glisson and Andrew Wild, Andrew,  a Junior now and posted a 98 and 100, his second, in succeeding doubles events.  Not all results are posted yet, I'll update when they change.