News From the Grand


Hello from the 114th Grand American. Nick and  I along with squadmates John Thompson and Mark Isner left Friday along with Lonnie and Sandy Spencer, Kinzy Smith, Adam Cline, Fred Dague, Scott Ross, Esdel Kittle, Toot Riggle, Paul Garrett, Darrell Dowler and our Squadmate from Ohio John Thompson to participate in the  2013 edition of the World Championships. Planning to start shooting Sunday the guy that squadded us (me) ended up squadding us for Saturday's handicap and doubles. Well as it turned out Nick was glad he did. After shooting a pair of 97's at the Southern Zone Nick broke another 97 in the Krieghoff 100 Handicap, after the shootoff Nick placed 3rd in his yardage group. That's Nick's first Grand Trophy in only his second time shooting the world championships, that's mighty fine shooting. In the doubles Bob was high on the squad with a 96.

Sunday Adam Cline broke a 97 in the Blaser Handicap and after a successful shootoff Adam was runnerup in his yardage group.

Monday in the Winchester AA  Singles Mark Isner, Fred Dague and Scott Ross all broke 197's.

Tuesday in the Presidents Handicap Bob Harden broke a 96 and a 97 in doubles . Scott Ross and Jim Jones won a spot the Federal Nostalgia Shoot Off. Below Shooting Legend Darrell Dowler gives Jim Jones some advice.

Wednesday's Clay Target Championship Mark Isner lead the all WV state shooters breaking 198, Scott Ross and Fred Dague breaking 197's.

Thursday's events started with the Champion of Champions one hundred targets to determine the champion from all the state champions or runner-ups. Scotty Ross, WV's Championship Singles runner-up represented the state. Letting one slip by on the 3rd trap He made the rest pay for the indiscretion by absolutely crushing the remaining targets.


Scotty smashing one, as with all shoots you always meet new people. Scotty and one of his squad mates in the C of C.

Mark Isner shot a pair of 49's to card a 98 in the doubles event, other notables were Adam Cline breaking 97 and Fred Dague turning in a 96 for the day.

Friday's Handicap Adam Cline broke 95. Mark Isner broke the last 50 to post another 98 in the Doubles Championship. Scott Ross and Fred Dague both posted 97's in the twins. Mark went on to shoot off in the Doubles Championship. His 98 in the Championship also won him a carryover for the previous Doubles event where he also shot a 98. 18 time WV Doubles Champion Darrell Dowler imparts some pointers to Mark Isner as stunned onlooker can't believe what he hears.

Happy, Happy, Happy