2014 WV State Team Annouced

2014 WV State Team members. Congratulations to all!!


           2014 WV State Team  
  First Team  
Captain Michael Kemp      94.88
  Robert Harden      93.83
  Scott Ross      93.76
  Darrel Murray      93.43
  Mark Isner      92.07
Vet Darrell Dowler      93.34
Lady Jennifer Everett      89.78
Sr. Vet Robert Lowe      88.87
  Second Team  
Captain Kevin Miller      91.90
  Nicholas Harden      91.87
  Chuck Jackson      91.70
  Fred Dague      91.16
  Todd Sauble      91.11
Vet Gary Holmes      92.35
Lady Sandy Spencer      82.06
Sr. Vet Gerald Narigon Sr.      87.87

Requirements for first and second team are 1000 singles and handicap and 800 doubles

Requirements for special catergories are 800 singles and handicap and 500 doubles.


All team members must shoot the 400 championship targets at the WV State Shoot.