WV Trapshooting History Updated !!!!

Check out the History tab above for WV State Shoot Reports from 1925 to 1941 and 1946. Kenny Ray sent the copies to help complete our WV Champions page, which now goes back to 1925. The reports are a little cut of the sport in the old days, for instance in 1931 the state champion, E.C. Sesler, received a ATA Trophy and $20.00 in Gold as did the other champions. Runner-ups $10.00 Gold piece. The State Secretary was paid, A.N. Davis noted as the best one armed shooter in the state, winning 4 of 7 major events in 1930 and the Doubles Championship in 1928. They're a great read and I'm grateful to Kenny Ray for thers reports and of his dedication to preserving the history of Trapshooting.