West Virginians Compete at Hog Heaven Spring Fling Championship

West Virginia shooters Rob Ingram, 2014 WV Hall of Fame Inductee, Gary Holmes and Bill King traveled to Hog Heaven Gun Club in White Pine, Tennessee and competed in the Hog Heaven's Spring Fling Championship, bringing home some bacon.  On Friday's Handicap, Rob Ingram smashed 95 from the 23.5 yard line, one target less than the eventual Champion that day, to secure the 22 - 23 yard line trophy.  Also in Friday's Handicap, Bill King broke a 94 from the 25 yard line, taking home the 24 - 25 yard line trophy and that was just the beginning.  On Saturday's Singles Championship, Gary Holmes crushed 197 targets, tying him for the Veteran’s Championship.  Unfortunately Gary couldn't stay and compete in the shoot-off that was to follow.  For Sunday’s Doubles Championship, Rob Ingram posted a 92 taking the B class championship.  That afternoon, Rob and Gary broke 95's, along with three others, all tying them for the Handicap Championship.  After two rounds of shoot-off's, Rob was knocked out, but fell back to win the 22 -23 yard line trophy.  Again Gary was unable to compete in the shoot-off, and took home the Veteran Championship. Hopefully this will be a good indication of some strong completion this year, good shooting guys.