WV Shooters @ the Ohio State Shoot


Thirty one shooters from WV participated in the Ohio State Shoot at the Cardinal Center last week several taking trophies back to WV. Twenty seven yarder Scott Ross was first in the week to strike in EVENT # 5 - STOCK LOCK II HANDICAP, breaking 97 earning him the N/R Sub Veteran Winner and 1.5 yard honorary punch, he would end up earning another .5 yard in the  EVENT #  9 - BLASER USA HANDICAP. Scotty also ran 100 straight in Event # 8 as well as the first hundred in Event # 12 - JOHN DEERE SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP with an eventual score of 197.  Kinzy Smith, long time WV trapshooter shot his first registered targets in 1965 over 49 years ago won N/R Class D honors in EVENT #  6 - OSTA CHAMPION OF CHAMPION SINGLES with a score of 95. Sandra Spencer was one of two West Virginia shooters to bring home more than one trophy. Sandy won N/R Lady 2 in EVENT #  7 - PRESIDENT SARA DEAN HANDICAP breaking 91 and in EVENT # 12 - JOHN DEERE SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP broke 194 to claim N/R Lady 2 honors again. Husband Lonnie and friend Jerry Huffman were on hand too. WV ATA Delegate Nicholas Harden also was a multiple trophy winner in EVENT #  8 - DOWNRANGE CLASS SINGLES, Nick topped all in his squad breaking 100 straight as well all N/R Class A shooters but one and after the carryover Nick was announced the N/R Class A Winner, in the very next event the EVENT #  9 - BLASER USA HANDICAP Nick blasted a 97 to gain a yard and claim N/R 3rd Place after the shoot-off.  Congratulations to all the Trophy Winners.

   WV shooter an 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Sprout broke 199 in the SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP tying for the N/R Class A Champion  and eventually ending up as runner up. Others breaking good scores and earning yardage was Doug Damron breaking 98 in EVENT #  7 - PRESIDENT SARA DEAN HANDICAP earning a yard, Tim Efaw breaking a 96 in EVENT #  9 - BLASER USA HANDICAP earning ½ yard, Tim also broke 100 straight in EVENT #  6 - OSTA CHAMPION OF CHAMPION SINGLES. Fred Dague adding another honorary ½ yard in EVENT #  9 - BLASER USA HANDICAP as well. Rob Ingram broke the first 100 of the targets in the SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP ending with a 197.  Bob Lowe broke 97 in the Championship Doubles running the last 50.

   High WV Shooters in the Overall Scott Ross with an 1145, Darrell Dowler 1110,  Kinzy Smith 1026.

   High WV Shooters in the All Around Darrel Murray 386, Fred Dague 385, Steve Sprout 385

We look forward to the WV State Shoot July 10th through the 13th hope to see you at Brooke County and back the next week for the 2014 Southern Zone Championships.