West Virginians @ The Grand American


West Virginians are making a mark at the Grand, Sandy Spencer has been stepping up her handicap game at the state shoot she won thr WV Preliminary handicap, Friday in Event 8 handicap she broke 95 to shoot off in lady II for runner up and third winning the shoot off and claiming LadyII runner up. She did the same thing in todays handicap and will shoot off again for Lady II runner up and third. Good Luck Sandy! Kinzy Smith turned in 94, Nick Harden broke 95 today as well. This morning Nick Harden, Mark Isner and me started the day with high hopes in the singles event we all missed the first bird out! Other than Nicks 95 in caps nothing to report from the rest of the squad. Doubles event was the last hope of the day, after a practice Mark said he figures to break 60!!!! We were first wave out and by ourselves with Nick leading off for the first time he broke 97 never missing on the first pair from a station. Mark had 95 and I had 96.

I'll update you on Sandy's shoot off.

  She won her shoot off for runner up again!!! Sandy shot 94 Sunday just 1 off the trophy list. She tries again Tuesday. 

Doug Damron carded a 199 in the Singles class championship yesterday. Fred Dague fired a 196 in the same event.

Not much to report until today (Thursday). Doug Damron, Todd Sauble and Nick Harden all broke the first hundred in the Clay Target Championship. The second  hundred Nick dropped one, Doug and Todd two, Fred Dague dropped one one the first and ran the second hundred. Nick and six others went on to shoot off for four places in Class A second thru fifth. Nick ran the first and dropped one in the second round. He and another then shot off for 3rd and 4th. After the shoot off Nick claimed 4th place in Class A. Fred's score was good enough for a place in the Class AA shootoff, but failed to answer the call.