Sandy Spencer Wins The Grand American Handicap Lady II Championship

 The eight time WV Lady's Singles Champion Sandra Spencer has added the 2014 Grand American Handicap Lady II title to her impressive list of accomplishments.  Sandy broke a 98 to tie with Carolyn Vaughn of KY and after the shoot off Sandy was the Grand American Handicap Lady II Champion adding to her already Lady II Runnerups in Event #8 The Gipson Ricketts Handicap and Event #11 The Krieghoff 100 Handicap claiming both of those through shootoffs as well, with such great shooting Sandy earned the ATA Super 500 HDCP Lady II Champion Award as a bonus.

       She was the top Lady II and topped all comers winning the Prelimnary Handicap at the 2014 WV State Shoot. She was top NR Lady II in the Ohio State shoot's Sara Dean Handicap and the Ohio State Singles Championship. She said it all started at the Hall of Fame Shoot in Moundsville this year. The Annual WV Hall of Fame Shoot started 9 years ago to honor the now 49 WV Hall of Fame members, Sandy was inducted in 2001. Never seen without a smile and always encouraging, Sandy started registering ATA targets in 1977, her husband Lonnie starting the year before, and has shot around 34,000 targets in both singles and handicap and about 16,000 in doubles.

Sandy also represented WV in the Champion of Champions Event this year along with other West Virginians;

WV Jr. Gold Champion Alec and WV Singles Champion Todd Sauble and WV Veteran Champion Doug Damron. Also pictured is Gene Snively represented Ohio and while not technically a West Virginian did marry one, Noreen of Parkersburg.

Below are before and after pictures of Sandy in the Champion of Champions.