2014 Grand American

Well the Grand American was pretty exciting this year, 12 WV shooters made the annual trek to big show, Kinsey Smith, Lonnie and Sandy Spencer, Robert Judy, Toot Riggle, Alec and Todd Sauble, Mark Isner, Fred Dague, Doug Damron, Nick and Bob Harden. Sandy Spencer was the big winner in Lady II bringing home 2 lady ll runner up trophies plus the Grand American Lady II Handicap Championship and the ATA Super 500 HDCP titles. All Sandy’s Titles cames after winning the shoot offs except for the ATA Super 500 where she bested the runner up by 3 targets. Robert Judy struck first for WV staying after the Aim Competition earlier in the week where he trophied in 3 events, fired a 96 in Event #2 The Trap & Field Handicap to tie with 3 others for the top spot in the 18 - 21 yard group. After the shoot off Robert had bested the other two with a 24 to their 23's winning his first Grand American Trophy in only his 3rd Event on the Big Stage. Outstanding!

    Nick, my son, breaking his first hundred straight at the Grand and nearly the second while shooting in the Clay Target Championship, ultimately winning 4th Place in Class A after a very nervous shootoff, not him, me! Seven 199’s in Class A shot  off for runnerup thru 5th Place. Nick and two others ran the first 25 under the lights, one shooter breaking the next 25 was the runnerup. Nick and one other shot for 3rd and 4th, while 3 others shot for 5th place.

Fred Dague also broke 199 in the Clay Target Championship but failed to answer the call in his shoot off for Class AA 4th and 5th. On the last day Fred Dague from the 27 broke a 97 and was in Louisville, KY when called for the shoot off for 27yd Runner up thru 5th place, no doubt that the longing to see Mary Ellen was too strong! Doug Damron and Fred hosted this years cookout and as usual good food, good company and great fun for all. Toot Riggle broke 96 on the last day obviously getting some tips from some of Ohio’s top shooters.

  Four shooters represented West Virginia in the Champion of Champions Event. Sandy Spencer, Todd Sauble and his son Alec and Doug Damron.

Doug Damron, Todd Sauble and Nick Harden all broke the first hundred in the Clay Target Championship. The second  hundred Nick dropped one, Doug and Todd two, Fred Dague dropped one one the first and ran the second hundred.

    The world is truly small while talking to Lonnie Spencer about Vandalia he asked if I had ever been to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum and of course we took the kids every year when at the Old Grand. A fighter jet he crewed in Vietnam was there a F105 like this

Thanks for your service Lonnie.