2015 WV State Team Announced

The 2015 WV State Team has been tabulated. A lot of firsts this year, with 3 first time placements and a first time, first team Captain.

  Last year shooters #1 and #2 on the second team, Kevin Miller and Nicholas Harden, both stepped up their game as well as averages last year to emerge on top #1 and #2 on the first team. It is first placement for both shooters on the First Team. Well done.

Steve Sprout, Darrel Murray, Robert Harden, Veteran Gary Homes, Lady Jennifer Everett, Sr. Veteran Robert Lowe and Junior Robert Judy of Shanks, his first placement, round out the first team. 

Captain of the second team Mark Isner, Adam Cline of Wayne and Russell Lillard of Morgantown, Chuck Jackson, Singles Champion Todd Sauble, Veteran Darrell Dowler, Lady Sandy Spencer and Sr. Veteran Thomas Urquhart.

  Shooters placing on the State team for the first time were Adam Cline from Wayne, Russell Lillard from Morgantown and Robert Judy from Shanks. Congratulations to all the WV State Team members.

Below are the Minimum Qualifications for selection to the State Team.

Section 3. Minimum qualifications: (amended 2009)

(A) Men             1000 16 yard targets

                        1000 Handicap

                         800 Doubles

(B) Lady            800 16 yard targets

     Veteran        800 Handicap

     Sr. Veteran   500 Doubles


     Sub Junior

(D) Shooters are required to shoot the 400 CHAMPIONSHIP TARGETS at the State Shoot to qualify for the State Team (Amendment July 1997)

Section 4. Computations for all around average: 16 yd average + handicap average + doubles average / 3 = all around average. The captain will have the highest average, etc.