West Virginians at the Southern Grand American

   Nine shooters from WV competed in the 39th Southern Grand American last week. Chuck and Tammy Jackson, Doug Damron, Morgan Lough, WV ATA President Scott Ross, WV ATA Vice President Russ Lillard, WV Hall of Fame members Todd Sauble and Fred Dague, who also is an All American Sub Veteran and Barrister in training Alec Sauble. Todd was the first to strike Event 7 Singles Class Championship winning Sub Veteran Runnerup with a score of 99, also winning Sub Veteran Handicap Championship Event 15 with a 94. Doug Damron won Sr.

Jack Gandee of Mineral Wells Passes at 83


Jack L. Gandee, 83, of Mineral Wells passed away Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Charleston Area Medical Center, Charleston, West Virginia.

He was born February 14, 1936 in Wood County, son of the late David R. and Olive Mossburg Gandee.

News from the WVATA winter meeting

Lots of news this year:

 Todd Sauble was inducted into the WVATA Hall of Fame, you can read his nomination letter by clicking on his name under the Hall of Fame tab at the top of the website.


We have a new club that has joined the WVATA. The DuPont Employees Recreational Club in Washington, WV. Rusty McHenry is the director, Welcome.


It's Gonna Be Cold Outside So Here is Some Reading

Here is some reading about the history of the Southern Zone Trapshoot thanks to Darrel Murray

just click here on the History Tab

Silver Dollar Open

Tammy Jackson won Lady 2 honors in event #7 Fridays Preliminary Handicap as her, Chuck and Morgan Lough attend the Silver Dollar Open. Morgan Lough was Class A Winner in the Singles Championship.

Florida Hall of Fame Shoot

Three WV shooters travelled to the Silver Dollar for the Florida Hall of Fame shoot. Tammy Jackson won Event 2 Preliminary Handicap Lady on Friday and Morgan Lough won Non-Res 5th Place in the Handicap Championship.

2019 WV State Team


Danny Nagle of Friendly, WV Passes

We are saddened of the passing of Danny Nagle. Danny started registering targets in 1968 and 1969 shooting a total of 2500 targets then picked the game back up in 2002 amassing a total of 40,800 Singles, 37,100 Handicap and 27,750 Doubles. Danny ran and was the WVATA director for Tyler County Gun Club. He was always willing to help at the WV State Shoot. Condolences to his family and friends.

Lastest on Terry Groves

Bob, doing great. No effects from chemo but femur is not completely healed and am still on crutches. Got me an Action Track Wheelchair (my wife calls it a tank) and I am hunting out of it. If all goes well, I'll be able to shoot out of it also and so you guys will see me come spring. Thanks for checking. Tell everyone Merry Christmas!  Terry

Fred Dague Breaks Them All in Vegas!

All American Subvet Fred Dague, Chuck and Tammy Jackson and Mark Isner made the trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Nevada State Shoot. Fred broke all two hundred championship singles and seventy five more in a shootoff to claim Subvet Champion. Well done Fred!

Terry Groves Update

Bob, since I broke my femur at the State shoot, I have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. This is a cancer of the blood that destroys the bones. Hence, the mass that was in my femur. Think it broke when I fell because a hole was left when they removed the tumor. Rods & plates were in place so didn't have to have surgery. But in the xray they found a spot on my spine which they have filled with "cement." Since then with a PET scan they have found 2 other spots. I am currently taking chemo pills at home and having infusion once a week at WVU.

It’s official! West Virginia has Three ATA All-Americans for 2019!


Not since 2005 has more than one WV shooter been named to the ATA All-American Team, considered the highest achievement a shooter can obtain short of winning one of the five championship rings at the Grand.

WV Shooters at the 2018 Grand American

Grand American Update!

The 2018 WV State Shoot Results

Fred Dague and Alec Sauble Perfect for Singles and Doubles Titles; Scott Ross Claims Second Handicap Championship; Cameron Bailey Repeats as HAA & HOA Champion.

West Virginians at the Virginia State Shoot

We have been at the Virginia State Shoot since Wednesday and Cameron Bailey has won two events outright. Cameron was the only 100 in Event 1 and repeated the feat in Event 6 along with six others where we’re waiting the outcome of today Championship Singles. Breaking 97 in Event 5 handicap winning by a margin of 2.

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